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Advanced Technical Analysis

• How to do multiple time-frame analysis in right way • Process to use trend analysis indicators • How to Trade parallel channels • Usage of PIVOT points • Knowledge on Fibonacci retracement • How to use support & resistance indicators • How to trade fibonacci & fibonacci extensions • How to Trade Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) • How to Trade Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) • How to Use Volatility Indicators • How to Trade Relative Strength Index (RSI) • How to Trade Stochastic RSI (Stoch RSI) • How to use volume indicators

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Technical analysis is a form of analysis used by traders to evaluate future price action based on historical price data. And advanced analytical techniques can be used to forecast and capture price movements like a professional trader. Many traders use technical indicators and chart analysis as an approach to analyse the markets and spot potential trading opportunities and suitable entry and exit points

Teaching Method

Monday to Friday (20.00-21.00)

Learning Outcome

Online One to One Group Interactive sessions Engaging sessions Impactful learning

Courses Outline

• Master Advanced Technical Analysis Techniques For Analyzing & Forecasting Market Trends, Volatility, Momentum & Volume • How to Use Advanced Technical Analysis Strategies For Day Trading