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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a technique that is used to determine the value of an asset by focusing on underlying factors that affect the company’s future aspects and its actual business. It includes the general economic scenario, the industry’s growth and fall, along with the company’s organizational structure, balance sheet, management, and financials. Fundamental analysis is the technique you also can use to trade.

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Monday to Friday (17.00-18.00)

Teaching Method

Online One to One Group Interactive sessions Engaging sessions Impactful learning

Learning Outcome

• You can easily find out the intrinsic value of the property. • Helpful for long term investments • Can evaluate the management of the property and make internal financial decisions • To make a projection on its business performance • With the help of this analysis, future growth prospects about the particular sector or industry is determined

Courses Outline

• Introduction to the Fundamental analysis • Different Approaches to Stock Investing • Learn to Analyse a Company • Learn to read a Balance sheet • Financial Statement Analysis • Learn Ratio Analysis • Key to Fundamental Analysis • How to Track Market